7 days in the Ganges – a longdis-dance swim performance – by Reini Rio Kopp

7 days in the Ganges – a longdis-dance swim performance – by Reini Rio Kopp Announcement Date: 14th May 2019



What’s your Element?,…if you want me to name my favorite element,…it is water

i love the liquid, its softness and its clarity,…i remember when i was the first time underwater in a pool, i was 5 when i  jumped inside, and i  totally forgot my lifevest,…so i found myself far underneath the surface, looking up, and…. my body new instinctively what to do…i swam…no big deal,…every animal can do it, ….well, so i found happily my animal nature in the water , …and later where i grew up, in lower austria near vienna, we went for swimming in the woods,…there was an magical pond, full of life,…perfect for this little boy,…who loved to sneak into nature,..frogs, snakes, me…we are all are fascinating and unique…and  proof that life is wonderful and worth to be explored,…a variety of expressions of an unbelievable great spirit…

We are Water, 80% or so, and each Hydrogen and Oxygenatom in our body is very very old,…and before we do our first breath, we are swimming in our mums belly for 9 month,…growing in the Water

This world is alive!

…so i will start swimming downstream the Ganges River on May 14,  ,…for 7 days to may 20th,… 7 days of “swimming is meditation”…7 days of breathing and moving with the flow,…i choose the Ganges, because of its deep beauty, and its high vibrational level, loved and worshiped by so many humans, animals and plants,  this is a perfect river to set a sign…the human population exploded in the last 100 years, and there is a big need to take care that our water will not be polluted anymore,…and the situation is, that we currently polluting our water way to much…it should be no question,…can i drink this water? or is it safe to swim in this river?…every river on this planet should be protected by law, sewage plants and  filter systems have to be installed!, human waste and factory-chemicals should be processed and cleaned before going back into the divine natural cycle. Animals of the rivers, the Ganges-dolphin and many more, have to be saved from extinction, we are not allowed to destroy the natural environment of the animals and plants!…in the last 20 years, there has been improvement, and step by step we can make it better, i invite Saints and Politicians of India, to come together and help businesses and the public  do what has to be done!

…my swim will be filmed, and will be presented soon!


Press release : Rio will talk about the 7 days experience , and will answer all upcoming questions : Date: 21.05.2019 Time: 18:00-19:00 Place: Shree Sant Sewa Ashram, Rishikesh, India

Open Satsang with Rio : 20:00-22:00 , after the press release, in Shree Sant Sewa Ashram

If You want to reach Rio , his indian telephone number will be released here soon:___________________

Everybody is welcome!

previous work of performance-artist and swimmer Reini Rio Kopp

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a very special Thanks to

international artist odissi dancer choreographer teacher

Mouli Pal



O Goddess Ganga! You are the divine river from heaven, you are the saviour of all the three worlds, you are pure and restless, you adorn Lord Shiva’s head. O Mother! may my mind always rest at your lotus feet.

O Mutter Ganga!
Du bist der Halsschmuck auf dem Kleid der Erde.
Du bist es, durch die man den Himmel erreicht.
O Bhagirathi! Ich bitte dich, möge mein Körper vergehen,
nachdem er an Deinen Ufern gelebt und dein reines Wasser getrunken hat;
nachdem ihn Deine Wellen geschaukelt und er Deines Namens gedacht hat.