Ancient Attraction

Ancient Attraction Announcement Date: 6th August 2018

Blipcollective were proud to collaborate with dance artist Mouli Pal  ( India / USA).

Thanks to Medha Pal (USA / India), for testing the ground in our up and coming exchange youth programmes.

This was Blipcollectives first outreach event:

Providing a free dance workshop for local children in Indian traditional temple dance. Led by Mouli Pal.

Blipbase opened its doors to the public, sharing a performance evening:

Traditional Odissi performances by Mouli Pal, Medha Pal, and Anindita Nanda ( USA, India).

As well as a  sharing  a new collaboration piece that was created during the week by Mouli Pal and Emma James ( UK).

Live music by harpist Michaela Meindl ( Austria).

A fantastic evening which became a spontaneous rockin family disco !