Information Soup II – the 2nd helping

Information Soup II – the 2nd helping Announcement Date: 11th September 2016

Residency for professional dancers

Mission:    Exchange and exploration.
Theme:    Vulnerability and fulfillment in the creative process.
Questions for research:
How can we constantly generate new movement while  developing our personal creative language?

Many thanks to 2016 residents

Scarlett Turner ( U.K )

Nicola Rayworth ( U.K )

Liza Simenc ( Slovenia)

Jo Silvia ( Portugal )

Lucas Pawlik ( Ö )

Thanks for everything x


Yoga by Liubov Sorokodumova ( Russia )

Amazing musicians: Ulrich Rois and friends

Bird people


Artist Susie ( Ö )

Mister everything : Lui ( Ö )