Research and exploration residency

Research and exploration residency Announcement Date: 16th March 2021
Blipcollective are looking forward to host this residency curated by Bianca Anne Braunesberger & Vito Vidovic / Cie.tauschfühlung. 
POSTPONED until further notice xxx

 Returning residents said,
“love to spend time in spaces close to nature in order to dive into movement research and creative exploration. Bianca Anne is the Artistic Director and co-founder of Cie.tauschfühlung (est. 2011) / a dance- & musiccompany which aims to work in creative flows with changing ensemble, but mostly  focused on a core team of sounddesigners and dancers since 2019 – which consists of: Vito Vidovic, Stefan Zotter, Sebastian Achleitner & Bianca Anne Braunesberger. The 4 artists constantly deepen the contents of their repertoire together, touring internationally with their work. Using the residency time at the space of blipcollective to work on a new creation called IMPETUS, which is a structured choreography based on the question on what drives us, if we lose the contact to nature? The choreographic composition is supported by a 50 Miuntes sounddesign, which was recorded in one of the typical “tauschfühlung Sessions” in 2020, in which the company members come together to support each other in individual movement – and soundresearch. // Besides that project, at the moment there is a collaboration with pianist Martina Haselgruber, with whom Vito & Bianca Anne are going to tour mostly Austria and Check Republic this year, as the musical composition is by Leos Janacek, a check composer. Which project exactly we will put more focus on during the residency, is depending on the intuitive sensation that occurs through the energies in space and time. We are looking forward to be with blipcollective one more time.
/// In the picture you see Vito & Bianca Anne in one of their choreographic video journals – GAIA – which is strongly connected to the research on IMPETUS / pic 2020.”