Resident at Dance City #creativesummer

Resident at Dance City #creativesummer Announcement Date: 27th July 2019

Many thanks Dance City (U.K), for the residency as part of creative summer program.

Thank you to dance artists Sophie Halford, Payal Kuchipudi and Giulia Coti Zelati

I was able to research and develop ideas and movement for my new group piece.

I was supported with amazing new sounds generously shared by acclaimed #Sharooz Raoofi #principleasure

We explored, played , tried out and shared our progress to Dancecity team

During the week Emma led a movement class #raising the bar, as part of professional training programme within Dance City, Newcastle, U.K.

Thanks to Giulia, co founder of #tinydances we filmed and made public an experiment #affected, music by #worth.


New work guideline:

I will expand upon my past explorations into human tendencies, and will research and create the beginning of a new group piece.

It will be investigating the visual effect of emotion – and how we can create a greater reflection of its impact into our given reality.

The structure of the new work, will derive from the established board game Ludo (created in 1914).

The squares signifying moments, and the direction evoking recognition of cycles.

We will address how internal and external distractions effect relationships, and how momentum is also consisting of soothing cycles.

Choreography will amalgamate pedestrian movement, subtle gestures and forceful momentum, in order to emphasis the dynamics of our realities.

The focus will constantly shift from a broad perspective on the peoples as a mass – into intimate portraits.

The choreography aims to trigger recognition of our internal landscapes, and evoke the joy of imagination.

The inspiration of the movement will come from a delicate curiosity into human emotions and responses. As the dancers move forward, stepping into diverse realities, whilst converging with each other and unforeseen circumstances.

I imagine this gesture of the board game will bring an additional playful texture and outlook to the piece. Propelling an audience into individual experiences, common responses and inspired actions. I am focused on making a work that gives the audience an exciting fulfilling experience.

I am looking forward to collaborate with the local artists and create an experience that allows for reflection, insight, surprise and connection.

I imagine the future piece will be created for stage, and also be taken to a range of locations.